prairie girl flowers, EST. 2018

prairie girl flowers is the creation of Becky Feasby.  Becky is a passionate gardener-florist who creates natural arrangements centred on the vibrant colours and textures that make up life here on the Prairies. 

We take great care in selecting materials for our florals and use as many locally sourced products as possible, in an effort to reduce waste and cut back on the use of plants and flowers that need to travel long distances to reach us in Calgary.  We are dedicated to the seasonal flower movement and love collaborating with farmers, growers and creatives in our community. 

Sometimes slowing things down can reveal beauty that we didn't even know was there.  And that is what prairie girl flowers is all about.

Ethical and sustainable floristry involves looking at not only how and where we source our flowers, but also considering the waste generated by designs and packaging.  Like other agricultural crops, we need to examine not only the carbon footprint of our flowers, but also the use of pesticides, water pollution, exploitation in the supply chain, and waste.  Sustainable floristry means using local and seasonal flowers (and not importing flowers from overseas); not ever using single use plastics for packaging or floral foam ('Oasis') in designs; and supporting local growers and creatives to give back to the community.

Becky completed her gardening and landscape design training in New York, Calgary and Chicago and completed the Floral Design program at Mount Royal University.  She has also completed workshop training with many incredible, innovative florists and growers who support the foam free and Slow Flowers movements.  

Becky previously worked as the Horticultural Therapist at the Alberta Children's Hospital, where she oversaw the design and management of five acres of gardens.  In creating prairie girl flowers, she wanted to utilize all of her training to bring sustainable beauty to Calgarians - and to cultivate a change in the floral industry.  A change that makes florals better for the planet and creates opportunities for clients to make a conscious choice that supports local growers and our environment.  

Dahlia Compote.JPG

We want to celebrate all that is available to us locally and seasonally.

We want to showcase what it means to be stewards of the natural world.

We want to add more beauty to your lives.

We want to give you MORE FLOWERS.